Date and place of realization

September 9, 2016, Levitan cultural center (Ivanovo region, Plyos, str. Lunacharskogo, h. 6).

The goals of the exposition:

  • Demonstration of practical readiness of innovative enterprises in Ivanovo region to a new stage of industrial-technological development and the markets important on a global scale.
  • The creation of a bridge between design, creative teams, development institutions, innovation infrastructure entities and companies ready for accelerated development taking into account the global trends.

Tasks of the exposition:

  • Promoting long-term economic development of the Ivanovo region through the development of new technologies, the development of business environment, creation of the innovation ecosystem, improving the investment climate and development of the system of vocational guidance and training.
  • Search organizations willing to participate in new technological chains, the promotion of the investment potential of the region through the development of interregional and international relations.
  • The main ideology of the exposition:
    “The new global markets – new technologies”.

    To participate as exhibitors invited industrial enterprises of different sectoral focus, aimed at innovative development and participation in the development of new markets and technologies, scientific and educational institutions, organizations of culture and art, public and other organizations, including additional education of children and youth.

    The format of the exposition, the organizing principle of the exposition: Demonstration of two main place: the conference hall of Levitan's cultural center and the open mobile pavilion on site will be submitted projects aimed at positive qualitative change in a particular sphere, supported by private business and state institutions (PDF, Fund for the promotion of innovation, regional programs of support for SMEs, banks), and projects, able to determine industry trends in the region in the long term. In addition, the exhibition will include projects in the field of development of innovative infrastructure of the region, creative industries, development of territories, social sphere, education and professional orientation of young people.

    Exhibition service provides for the design and production of exhibition posters, the publication of information about participants in the official printed materials of the Forum.

    The list of participants on the projects will be published in the information brochure and on the new Internet portal of the Forum, which decided to make a permanent information resource.

    In the lobby Levitan's cultural center will be organized a special consultation area, where guests and participants of the Forum consulting services on search of business partners, sources of support in the implementation presented creative ideas and conceptual technological solutions will provide Engineering center of textile and light industry, the Regional center of engineering, representatives of the Fund for the promotion of innovation, several banks. For registered participants will be organized cooperation in business areas (business acquaintances, invitations to cooperate).